Watching the Solar Eclipse

The children all experienced the partial solar eclipse this morning. Mrs Rostron did a quick assembly explaining what an eclipse was and then the children went outside to feel the coldness and watch the light fade. Mrs Bullen’s husband gave the school some welders glass so that the children were able to look at the eclipse safely.


World Book Day Interschool Challenge Yr5/6

Our second interschool challenge celebrating World Book Day! There were four schools all closely battling for the top three postions! The results are as follows:

1st place: St Bernadettes

2nd place: Nicol Mere

3rd place: St Thomas’s

Well done to all those who took part! We look forward to seeing you all again at the Science challenges in a couple of weeks.


World Book Day Interschool Challenge Y2/3

Well done to everyone one who took part in the first, of this seasons, interschool challenges. It was a close final with second place being fought between four schools. The winners were:
1st place – Lowton J and I
2nd place – St Bernadettes
3rd place – St Mary adn St John

Nicol Mere’s Year 2 team came fourth and the Year 3 team came sixth place – well done!


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